Lessons From The Snow

Hello, hello! And if you’re in Texas, oh my gosh, how are you doing!? Nashville has been snowed in for days. Most of the highways have been cleared out alright but our neighborhood goes pretty deeply away from the main roads so we’ve had days full of neighbor-kids, snowball fights and a couple of meltdowns (kids and grownups) while we all hunker down together.

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about something that I feel like most people don’t talk about and that is PMS. PMS has a range of symptoms including mental symptoms like feeling depressed, overwhelmed, fearful and even rage. Some physical symptoms include cramping, bloating, headaches (AWFUL headaches) and more.

I’ve never had a regular cycle my entire life. Usually, I would get my period every 3-6 months up until after I gave birth to my daughter in 2013. After Noelle’s birth I started making incredible changes to my diet (formerly vegan) and started eating as recommended by The Weston A. Price foundation. I also went off of hormonal birth control and started to implement what I call radical self care into my life. My cycles slowly began to normalize and I was able to conceive my son without any issues (something I’d been told was impossible).

My cycles are now 35 days (within normal range) and for the first time in my life I’ve begun to deal with PMS. SO THAT IS WHAT THE FUSS HAS BEEN ABOUT! My PMS symptoms have been severe. My last 3 cycles have been the first time that I’ve been able to naturally prevent and treat my PSM symptoms and I’m so grateful to those who have helped me along the way.

While I’m always trying new things and always open to suggestions, here is what has been helping me:

  1. Magnesium
  2. Sepia 30c
  3. Epsom Salts Baths

I’ve been taking the magnesium both internally and through Epsom salt baths daily! The sepia was a recommendation from the brilliant homeopath I work with and I highly recommend doing either an acute or full constitutional care with her. I take the Sepia 30c in a small glass of water, take a sip and throw out the rest. Homeopathy really is incredible.

It looks like the snow is finally beginning to melt and I hope everyone is able to stay warm and safe right now. My prayers are going out to everything suffering in the cold at the moment, I wish there was more I could do at the moment. So much love from Tennessee! Spring, can we hang out soon!?

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