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Network Marketing (Multi-Level-Marketing) is not for everyone. But I want to make the argument that it might be PERFECT for some of us with ADHD.

MLM’s are not your typical 9 to 5. After speaking with 4 top earning network marketing professionals, I saw it so clearly. MLM’s are for people who think outside of the box, are able to harness their passions into some serious focus & people who think fast and on their feet.

Not all ADHD individuals are the same, but some of us THRIVE with this kind of work.

It can be really hard for neurotypical to see the opportunity in network marketing. Sometimes a straight and narrow path is the only thing that appeals to them because many neurotypical people have fit in nicely with the typical life path. Behave, get good grades, get into a good college, graduate, get a 9 to 5 job suits some people really well. They’re cool with vacation time, sick time and a regular paycheck. All gravy.

Being 2E, this definitely hasn’t been my story. In fact, the more I tried to fit into this mold, the worst things got for me. Much to my teacher’s and future bosses’ dismay, thinking outside of the box is sort of where my brain lives. I like to see an array of problems to solve and I learned a long time ago that everything is linked to everything else. This big picture thinking makes me an excellent network marketing professional.

One of the biggest defining characteristics of ADHD is something called hyperfocus. See, the name attention deficit is actually a massive misnomer. People with ADHD find it very hard if not impossible to focus on boring, mundane tasks but can focus incredibly well on things that interest them. They can focus so well, in fact, that it’s called hyperfocus. This hyperfocus can make the right network marketing company an absolute joy to partner with.

 “Choose what you love to do as your life’s work. This way, your hyperfocus is put to good use in advancing your career. Plus, you will be much happier doing what you enjoy.”

Kathleen Nadeau

The last point I want to make is that many people with ADHD are able to remains remarkably calm in the middle of high pressure situations, like public speaking or being asked tough questions. This can sometimes be our element. High-stress situations are like dopamine machines for the brain, this is why many adults with ADHD make excellent firefighters and ER doctors, as well as brilliant stock-traders and entrepreneurs.

The truth is that even when you’re with a company you love, have excellent leadership and a fantastic duplicatable system, you will absolutely have to think on your feet. You’ll have to listen and offer solutions for objections, you’ll have to catch the nuances of what people need and you’ll have to gracefully handle rejections.

For me, this is personal. Growing up and feeling like my gifts were never going to add value to anything, I feel like I’ve found a home in my side hustle. It’s incredible to be surrounded with a lot of other people who think like me and carry the passion that I do for the industry that just gets me going.

Not all ADHD looks the same, and in my next post I want to point out some tips for ADHD people in network marketing to prevent burnout and overwhelm and to build confidence in what you do. See ya then!

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