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I’ve been told by my brilliant SEO husband that everyone has to make their first post eventually. Like a bandaid, I should just rip it off and have done with it.

Well, where do I begin?

I feel like this is my third lifetime. I’ve lived previous lives as a makeup artist, esthetician & waxer and now, as an artist. Because art is what I’ve always wanted to do.

I’ve been to school since elementary to be a visual artist. I went to an art high school and eventually went to college to study art. Only to put it off for 20 years, have two children, get married and keep dreaming.

Well, I’m finally going to attempt to make my dreams come true. I’d like to be a real life artist because it thrills me to the core and it probably has something to do with eternal happiness or something.

A Fun, Little Q&A

This looked so fun, I just had to put it in here. Let’s go!

Q: Who are artists that inspire you? A: I’m not really much of a fan girl, but I do have some that pop out right away. I think I would drive close to 200 miles to see their exhibits so that counts for something.

Mary Blair, because I grew up in Orange County and spent a lot of time at Disneyland. And because I cannot read one of her little golden books or pass by It’s A Small World without tearing up a little bit?

Moira Hahn, because she was a teacher of mine in college and I never forget what she taught me about watercolor. She is truly a master. She’s on instagram, here.

Emily Winfield Martin, because I found her on Etsy 15 years ago and have never stopped being in awe of her whimsy. Her art just moves me.

Q: What is your favorite medium? A: I’m going to say that annoying that people say when they’re extra nerdy about something and it’s hard for them to decide their favorite. It depends. When I’m painting a mural on my son’s wall, I really like Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics. But when I’m painting, I’m usually painting with windsor newton watercolor paint tubes. I’m also a fan of thread right now because I’m embroidering when I can’t be painting.

Q: Do you come from a creative family? A: I think so, maybe. I think every one is creative, but sometimes it’s blocked out or unactivated. My aunt sews beautifully and my other aunt has made her home into a bright topiary of color and light. Neither of them identify as artists, but they truly are.

Q: Do you have an art degree? A: No. I went to college and studied 2D/3D art but eventually quit because I needed money to pay my rent. I began working as a makeup artist full-time and never went back to school. I’d say I got about 2.5 years of college in.

Welcome To My World

Well, I suppose that wraps it up! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m hard at work on making some samples of the custom watercolor portraits that will be available very soon. I also have some art prints I’ve been putting together and next year I’m planning on releasing my very first watercolor online workshop! Because creative living is the best living and who doesn’t want to learn how to make beautiful art at home!?

I’m so happy you’re here, it means the world to me. So much love!

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